A Thought on Climate Change

Probably, Climate Change is the biggest challenge in the human race, may be well attributed by its global reach, impact on various section of the society and unpredictable magnitude of consequences. It is the very challenge, from where there is no escape but to fight. It will be a prolonged fight that human society needs to fight at various levels for their self and for the generation to come.

The very existence of modern world is a result of many cycle of climate change; Climate has been changing and will keep on changing. The eahth is capable of dissolving all carbon emitted to the climate in the sea with a small span of time.

One School of thought advocates that the human induced climate change is accelerating the climate change; The other puts the issue is a multidimensional cause-impact and scenario matrix, which brings more confusion than clarity .

While the scientific facts and causes are subject to argument and perspective, the immediate chhalenges posed by the changing climate is impacting the human being; and it is substantial.
There are evidences to prove this across the globe and call for urgent adaptation at all levels ranging from individual to nation and certainly beyond. The adaptation to climate change has to be a continous as the climate is changing continouly.
This concern is taken seriously by Government, Civil Society Organisation, corporate and various research institutions. Every section is trying to put their best to deal with it; a collaborative approach of working together is the way to address this issue.


Climate change is a global issue and it need to be negotiated with a open mind for the betterment for the place where we live, before it is too late.

By Kedar Dash

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