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e-Learning in Primary Education – An Indian Perspective »

The Annual Status of Education Report (2016) highlights persistently low learning levels in India, with only 13% of grade 2 children able to read from their textbooks. Quality education remains a pressing concern, attributed to various factors like infrastructure, teacher availability, pedagogy, and gender biases. Among these challenges, the student-teacher ratio stands out as a […]

Small things behind a great website »

Effective communication is essential for showcasing achievements and encouraging their replication, as my boss once emphasized. Websites play a pivotal role in this by providing a global platform for organizations to communicate their work and impact effectively. The language used on the website should be simple, universal, and free from technical jargon to cater to […]


Navigating the realm of mobile-based survey projects often leads to unexpected challenges, especially when searching for the perfect Android phone. Our quest for a device with satellite GPS, Indic language support, and a generous screen size at a competitive price was met with a whirlwind of experiences across various brands. The journey began with visits […]

Reaching out to the Mud Hut »

Technology has always opened new ways and means of making life easy. It has its impact on almost all the sectors of life and the economy, but the major concern is about its easy reach and accessibility to the common people. Technology should focus on the effective and efficient delivery of basic needs of food, […]